Internet Marketing Services

Our company of Internet marketing solutions will work with you to create the most favorable marketing

campaigns based on integrated marketing communications at all levels. Depending on your needs, we will design a personalized strategy very effectively, and provide the analytical tools you need to keep track of customers and competitor statistics.

Whether your business is a startup or has been in operation for several years, we plan, implement and evaluate a marketing campaign, which is specific to the company and within budget.

We studied the brand image of your products and services through surveys and focus groups.

We work in the industry and competitive analysis, using the methods used for the best business schools

and businesses worldwide.

Create a plan for your campaign to collect market intelligence and client objectives.

We translate this plan into the activities online and offline, integrating specialized marketing techniques best suited to your campaign created.

We create reports and evaluate progress and results of the campaign through web analytics software and customer relationship management.